The experience

The Creative Exchange is one of the most exciting music & entertainment conferences in the country, not just because of the guest speakers, Panelists and subject matters of each panel. It is the most exciting music & entertainment conference because of YOU! Your voice, Your ideas, Your vision is incorporated with the knowledge you’ll be getting in each panel you attend, how? You might be asking.... well it’s called a "creative exchange" for a reason.

Not only will you get to pick up tips, information, education, knowledge, connections and potential partners, you’ll also do some great networking.


This year promises to be groundbreaking as Technology and the Arts collide and our creative opportunities widen. 

There are over 20 panels that will take place over two days. Everything from how to turn your passion into a business to being able to share your information and knowledge thru the creative exchange panel where everyone in the room gets to participate, speak, share and exchange their experiences and ideas on how to survive, build, grow and ultimately become successful in this ever changing Business called entertainment.

The Creative Exchange Panel: where a panelist starts off the conversation of whats made them successful in the business, how technology has changed the playing field for them and what they are doing to insure they have a business in the future.

The cool part about the creative exchange is, this is where the attendees to the conference get to share, express, enlighten and exchange their idea, vision, knowledge and experience in the business as well as hear others audience members do the same. 

And this is where it becomes explosive and mind expanding because its where you see, hear, feel the magic of creative people exchanging game changing and life altering ideas.

These last two inaugural years have helped spread the message throughout the music industry and this year’s ever growing collective is sure to be talked about even more.