Thank You to All

I want to take this time to say thank you to all who participated in this 4th annual Creative Exchange Discussion. To say it was awesome, wonderful, stupendous, spiritual, moving, uplifting, encouraging, informative and inspiring wouldn’t do justice to what you all created. You all in a combined effort became transformative to people’s minds, spirits, hearts and actions. You brought humanity to places in space where it has been void in people’s lives just by your sheer presence and I appreciate your sacrifice of time, energy, transparency and the giving nature each of you put on display during each discussion and panel.

I am hoping that it was as fruitful for you as it was for the many people who have reached out to me in complete awe of this past weekend. We will be right back at it next year dealing with more questions, solutions and issues. Next year we will tackle the issue of reparations and the realities of the possibilities we could receive them as well as creating a discussion with law enforcement and how we can create a safe environment for the community and police while in the line of duty with a lot more to come.

If you would like to participate in next years Creative Exchange let me know and if you have ideas for panels/discussions you believe to be relevant and important feel free to reach out or drop me a line.

Again I thank you and look forward to hearing from each of you soon, 


Jay King