What is the Creative Exchange?

Founded in 2014 by all around music industry veteran Jay King , The Creative Music Exchange is an annual music

and entertainment conference that happens every year in Sacramento, California

What do they do there?

There are a series of panels, discussions and exchanges ranging from “how to survive in the new music business”

to “marketing, promoting and advertising your brand all over the world” and everything in between

How long does it last?

This year we have combined and refined our panel structure into less, more encompassing "Super Panels" that will

take place over two days, March 22nd & 23rd, 2019 , here in Sacramento, CA.

Is it affordable?

Absolutely, it’s $50.00 for one day (you can pick Friday or Saturday) or $75.00 for two days

Who are the speakers and panelists will I know them?

They are industry vets and professionals some you may know, some you may not, but

once you check their resumes and hear them speak you will know the conference is well worth attending

How do I find out more about the 2019 Creative Exchange?

Go to or call 877-322-4840

How do I register?

scroll down and choose from one of our 2 options- 1 Day or 2 Day

Is there a limit to how many people can register?

We can register up to 400 people, it’s on a first come first serve basis